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The Deacons Ministry St. Paul's Baptist Church of Conshohocken is dedicated to servants that share in the concern of the total well being of God's people.

The Deacons of St. Paul's are trained and ordained. Bible passages, Acts 6 and  First Timothy 3:8-13, speaks to the  qualifications and character of the Deacon which includes, morals, dignity, wisdom, faith and honesty.

Congregational Duties:

Deacons administer both the Lord's Communion and the Believer's Baptism. Our Deacons are to be available to members for prayer, guidance and assisting with disciplining new members. Deacons are also assigned as ministry leaders over various ministries of the church to ensure the proper functioning of the church.

Chairperson: Lucius Carter,

Deacon Tim Tyler, Deacon Joyce Magnum 

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